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invest in martin carr's new album! sep/oct/nov 2008

(ye gods) and little fishesmartin carr's new album is a departure from the bravecaptain sound, the new tracks having been recorded with a number of guest musicians, and the emphasis is very much on flowing melodies and lush harmonies.

the album is being released through where fans invest in advance in an album and receive a share of any profits the album makes.

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if you're outside of the uk and would like to invest please email for details of how to pay by paypal.

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The Boo Radleys anthology 2CD package

Find The Way Out'Find The Way Out' is 1 The Boo Radleys' anthology which is released on 4 July 2005 as a 2CD package, complete with a glossy booklet containing extensive background notes on the Boos' career.

Although The Boo Radleys were never one of Creation Records biggest selling acts, they achieved outstanding reviews in the music press throughout the 90s.

There are few bands with a more inventive and varied back-catalogue, a diversity which manifests itself in moments of delicate beauty, daring ambition and the occassional slice of pure pop across the 35 tracks on this beautifully presented package.

For a sneak preview of the tracks on the anthology, and the full stories behind each one visit the Anthology page on this site.

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